EU/US Atlantis Programme

DAETE [2] - International Continuing Education Program Benchmarking based on an EFQM Quality Process

The DAETE 2 project is based on a former EU-Atlantis project DAETE (Development of Accreditation in Engineering Training and Education). That project focused on establishing a self-assessment matrix for CE organisations to look at the enablers and the results of CE activities. The matrix is based on the EFQM model.
However, after the first DAETE project, a need for a benchmarking tool was raised. As a result of several beta tests of the DAETE self-assessment survey and related methodology, the partners were aware of some challenges and opportunities that can only be realized through the refinement and categorical grouping of the questions that are part of the current self-assessment. Specifically, in the next phase of development, the partners have the opportunity to make the process much more than a self-evaluation by refining the questions and specifying several categories into which respondents will be able to place themselves in direct comparison with similar organizations as well as Continuing Engineering Education institutions as a whole. At the same time, we expect this process will enable us to broaden the scope of the tool beyond Engineering Continuing Education to include other types of CE units, and we believe this will further increase the value of the process to all participants.

Start date: 01.09.2009
End date: 30.08.2011
Duration: 24 months

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