Ultimately, the results of the proposed activities will allow leaders of continuing education to go to a website enter their educational data and benchmark themselves against similar programs and obtain best practices which would lead to self-improvement. As stated by the President of the International Association of Continuing Engineering Education (IACEE), Flemming K. Fink, “The DAETE project is the most significant contribution to continuing education internationally in the last two decades”.

In addition, this proposal touches on three of the strongly encouraged issues stated in the program announcement, namely:

    1) Quality Measurement, Accreditation, and Quality Assurance,
    2) Higher Education and Life Long Learning, and
    3) Recognition of degrees and qualifications.

Further, this project will be used by the 8 originating universities plus the 20 additional users who have already called for the benchmarking data and called for potential participation of the remaining hundreds in the continuing education community.